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Solar Power Solutions

Solar power solutions through the power from Sun.

Solar power Solutions are derived from sun's energy. Harnessing this energy in constructive methods help in generating electricity at varied scale.

Solar energy from sun not only serves as a source for generating electricity but also multiple other applications make use of the solar energy and bring solar solutions.

Why Solar Energy

  1. Solar Energy is available in abundant and continuous across the times.
  2. Use of Solar power reduces grid connected power dependency.
  3. Reduced cost of ownership over a period of time, usually realized in 4 to 7 years depending on the scale of project
  4. Safe for our planet and enabling stable environment for the future humans

What are the applications Solar Energy is used?

Following are the solar solutions developed using solar power energy to name a few.

  1. Solar Water and Pool Heating
  2. Solar Heating of house 
  3. Solar water purification methods
  4. Solar Cooking
  5. Solar Electricity

    1. Off the grid (standalone application)
    2. Powering Satellites in Space
    3. Solar Transportation
    4. Marine Electricity generation
    5. On land Powering lights
      1. Solar Streetlights
      2. Solar water pumping
      3. Remote locations electrification
      4. Domestic power generation
      5. Net-Metering


Solar Power Solutions Methods 

Solar Electricity generation there are various methods in commercial and domestic scale. The Sun's energy is harnessed to meet the power demand locally or transmitted to locations on demand.

Some of the techniques most widely used in the market for solar power generation to provide solutions to meet energy demand are as shown below.

The three categories are well explained. As a solar power user from a investor perspective the views can be sensed and vice versa. A consumer selects appropriate power generation model to suit their energy need.

Solar Solutions to meet your Energy Demand through various Own/PPA Models.

Solar Cell Operations in Solar power solutions

Generate a self sufficient own solar power with utility power

Manage peak hour energy demand through OFF grid power

Manage peak hour energy demand through OFF grid power

Solar Power Purchase Agreement Plan in in Solar power solutions

Solar power as service, pay as you use.



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