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GravastarSolar Renewables

GravastarSolar an energy setup and consulting company.

Gravastarsolar Energy Consulting Company

Our experts will help you to tackle key energy and climate issues and make sound strategic and business decisions to meet your power demand.

We provide research, solutions, consulting and training to key demanding energy customers worldwide.

GravastarSolar is an independent Solar Energy Service Provider and Consulting firm specialising in the Engineering, Design, Implementation and Maintaince of Solar Plants.

We are market leaders in understanding the demand on the global energy demand and its drivers. Created in 2016, Gravastar-Solar now has over 15 years of experience on past and present issues shaping the energy industry.

Our teams are made up of energy experts, analysts, engineers and IT specialists. Capitalising on its Engineering maturity and Energy scale-able solutions,

Gravastar-Solar brings its expertise to cover the political, economic and environmental aspects of energy systems. We carter to both Commercial and Domestic energy demand customers.



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The combined power of the wind, solar and tidal bring the power to fulfill energy demand. A beginners guide to Renewable Power