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Gravastarsolar Our USP

Gravastar RE USP is something you can bank on for all your solution requirement on Renewable Energy Demand.

Gravastar RE USP benefit you on all your solar energy needs. 

Why select Gravastarsolar Services - about us

Gravastar RE we are Energy Masters

Gravastarsolar provide power solutions to meet your energy demands. We help through our engineering services to enable safe, uninterrupted and reliable power. Our expertise include to name a few, analyze customer environment, study suitable affordable solutions and design the power solution. We provide power control systems for domestic as well as commercial environment apart from setting up the solar power setup.

Gravastarsolar we provide design delivery through remote management as well.

Solutions are fully customized to meet your need

Gravastar RE our Customization ability to design to fit the setup environment is highly flexible as we use the best of design software through our partners to study, evaluate the circuit design. Cyclic activities are often automated to provide a peace of mind, where user just monitors and tracks the power system performance.

We do undertake system automation in addition to product customization to meet the energy environment while we integrate our thoughts, design, and plan, deploy to make the plant operational.

During our customization we make sure to

  • Bring down the Costs
  • Best possible design Timeline
  • Adherence to industry Standards and Practices
  • Comply with local policies
  • Creatively design solutions to meet customer environment

We care for Mother Earth, lets collectively contribute with GravastarRE

Solar power is completely free from any residuals those are harmful to nature. Partnering in going solar will enable to add additional arm of strength to protect Earth for future generations.

Use of solar power reduces water and air pollution and has zero waste created during solar power operations.

The benefits by using solar power to consumers are plenty and are listed under other sections of the website.

We are Subject matter experts in Renewable Energy

GravastarRE are a team of networked professionals at varied expertise in solar power generation. We are in the solar practice for last 5 years with a collective experience of 25 years. Our expertise one can trust to plan, design, build and make your solar plant operational at any scale.

Relationship existence with GravastarRE stays with you forever!

We provide support to our customers as well as extend to our partners who make the world a better place for our future generations.



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The combined power of the wind, solar and tidal bring the power to fulfill energy demand. A beginners guide to Renewable Power