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Gravastarsolar enables the solutions to meet the Solar Power requirement which are on high demand.  We at GravastarSolar Power solutions offer OFF-Grid and Hybrid Solar Energy solutions.

Our vision is to deliver a sustainable energy future for Global requirement through sustainable values. 

We at “Gravastarsolar” offer OFF-Grid and Hybrid Energy solutions for commercial, domestic, and homeowners to efficiently harness renewable energy sources for a reduced carbon footprint. 

Globally we are the preferred choice for our ability in Evaluation, Circuit Design, Installation and Support of Solar Power House. 

"Gravastarsolar offer our services towards Evaluation, Powerhouse design through remote delivery as well, which makes it one of its kind to Plan, Design, Build your solar power setup anywhere on Earth."

We also hold specialization in offering trustworthy Installation Services to our respectable solar energy customers.

A qualified technician alone can understand the azimuth alignments, sun's radiance specific to each geographic location. At GravastarSolar Power Solutions we offer through our partners anywhere on Earth the Solar power Setup. A setup that is built to last for a quarter century era.

  • We source as well as connect with the quality solar power suppliers and manage the end to end solar powerhouse set up for our customers.
  • We follow a strict quality management principle to ensure that only defect free Solar products as well as services are provided to customers.
  • We transact from most reputed and trustworthy vendors of Solar Energy industry.


We understand the Geography and Local Energy demand

G20 countries majoirly contribute to Global Power Demand
G20 Energy Consumpution. Source: Enerdata

We select the right Solar components for your solar setup, depending on the location matching to the strict quality guidelines. 

According to the World Energy Council published report, the global primary energy demand will be more focused towards driving efficiency through newer technologies like smart grids, smart buildings and smart homes, offices.

The advent of technology to drive efficiency will change in the present operating methods in manufacturing, automation, transportation. Thus with existing demand the focus is driven towards achieving efficiency.

The Global demand for electricity is predicted to double by 2060 in its report to the existing trend. The push in requirement will also focus in new renewable energy solutions to meet the climate change as well as the demand on earth.

Global Renewable Energy usage
Use of Renewable Energy Globally. Source Enerdata

The Solar and Wind energy expected to help to meet these demands while replacing the most of fossil fuels like coal, oil etc. By the year 2060 the report outlays a prediction of 39% of power produced globally is from Renewable energy sources.

The key markets where renewable energy will be added maximum are China, Europe, India and North America.

Energy Consumption G20 countries during 2015
Key illustration on G20 Energy Demand. Source-Enerdata

Demand for fossil fuels such as Coal, Oil is expected to peak during 2040, realizing the need for green energy.

This focus will enable to shift to renewable energy sources making technological advancements in the area of power generation, storage and transmission as well as driving for efficiency across the supply chain.


Industry Segment

Technology Adoption


  1. EV penetration in transport
  2. Biofuels penetration in transport
  3. Natural gas transport in heavy freight and marine

Industry and Power

  1. Natural gas penetration in power and industry
  2. Concentrated Solar, PV and storage solutions
  3. Electrification of processes and heating

Commercial and Residential

  1. Connected homes, offices and commercial spaces that are more energy efficient
  2. Distributed energy systems
  3. Electrification of heating and cooking



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